One Billion Rising RVA Pictures

Last week on Valentine’s Day, I attended the One Billion Rising RVA event at the Richmond Coliseum. I wasn’t able to attend the entire event, but I went from 12-1:30 to hear the guest speakers. It was a very inspirational, empowering, and sometimes tear-jerking experience!

Here are a few of the pictures I captured:

Above: A picture of the advocates listening to Susan Singer’s introduction of One Billion Rising

Above: Everyone was asked to “claim their dragon” by writing a statement that was important to them (i.e. a confession, a quote, a name, etc.) on a construction-paper heart and then gluing it to the dragon. What an empowering activity!

Above: An up-close look at the dragon…”I own that I spoke up when I saw signs of abuse in my friend’s relationship” … “For my grandmother, my mother, my sister & myself” … “Do not sink below, rise above those who bring you down!” … “I have the power to do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”


Above: The walls through the Coliseum to the One Billion Rising event were lined with posters like this.

One Billion Rising RVA Event Details

One Billion Rising RVA Event Details

Fellow Advocates and Friends,

Since my first blog post, I have been in touch with Susan Singer, one of the organizers. She recently posted detailed information regarding One Billion Rising’s itinerary on February 14 and details about their next planning/organizing meeting tonight, January 28th from 6 – 8pm.

I encourage you to visit her site for more information on this inspiring and motivating event!

Come Together

After spending several days deliberating which “theme” visually represents my social policy topic, I decided to actually start tracking my resources. During my personal time, I am usually on the look out for women’s issues in the media. I subscribe to a variety of feminist news sources from Jezebel to Rachel Maddow to, so the effort wasn’t too great. However, now I’m looking for articles and research focusing on violence against women from a policy advocate perspective, rather than for my own general knowledge. 

The most interesting and pertinent resource that I have found so far is actually an event, more specifically: a rising.

One of my professors mentioned “One Billion Rising” in class as a volunteer opportunity. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, other than that it was about domestic violence. So I looked it up and found out the details…


The purpose of this event is to bring people together and stand in solidarity against abuse and violence. Started by Eve Ensler, the meaning behind One Billion Rising is that one out of every three women in the world will experience abuse in some form at some point in her life. That’s about one billion women. And that’s completely crazy to think about, considering that one abused woman is too many, in my opinion.

Just think about it. Out of all the women you know, there’s a possibility that 33% of them have or will experience rape, sexual assault, or physical abuse. You could even be included in that statistic, or your mother, or your daughter, or your sister, or your best friend, or that slow cashier at Walgreens this morning, or your professor, or that girl who messed up your dinner order last weekend.

Phew. I don’t know about you, but that’s really hard for me to process.

Okay, anyways.

One Billion Rising’s slogan is “Strike, Rise, Dance!” So basically, they are asking everyone to join with their local community, stop what they’re doing on Valentine’s Day, come together, and dance against domestic violence.

Watch this video to get a better idea of the focus: (TRIGGER WARNING* and possibly NSFW*)

When: February 14, 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Richmond Coliseum, 601 East Leigh Street Richmond, VA
RSVP on Facebook:

For updates, checkout the RVA page:
And the parent page:

Also, if anyone reading this plans to attend the event, please let me know! I want to go, but don’t know anyone who is going yet! And it’s always more fun to advocate among friends. 🙂

*Trigger Warning means that the content in the YouTube video may cause strong emotions or upset you in some way.
*NSFW means Not Safe For Work. I said “possibly NSFW” because the video shows simulations of rape and abuse against women. The video has a great meaning; however, it might not be appropriate to view from work or in public.